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  • Chairman

    Mr. Craig Brown

    Craig has been a member of the SJJA for many years holds the rank of 1st dan black belt. Craig is also a Director on the SJJA Board and views his contribution on the Board as a way of giving back something to the organisation. He has been a member of the Board since 2012 and took office as the Chairman in 2013.

    Craig who lives in Dundee is one of only 5 students who in the 1990's, travelled to Japan to train and represent the SJJA. He continues to train at the SJJA HQs and has a particuler interest is Ko Ryu.

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  • Executive Administrator

    Mrs. Caroline Ross

    Caroline is the Association's first point of contact and has been a member of the SJJA staff since 1979. She has consistently updated her skills over the years including attending Abertay University where she was awarded a BA degree in Information Management. She administers the SJJA ensuring that all meetings are scheduled and recorded, deals with all correspondance in and out, maintains the SJJA databases and registers. Caroline attends all the meetings of the Board and with her vast knowledge of the SJJA administration keeps the Directors informed of all aspects and developments within the SJJA. She also perpares reports and newsletters to keep the members of the SJJA informed of current events.

    Caroline, in addition to her duties as the Executive administrator also adds to her roles the Lead officer in respect of Child Protection, Child Protect officer and Examiner.

  • Technical Director

    Mr. Robert G. Ross

    Mr. Ross is a founder member of the SJJA and has represented the Association across the world. He holds 8th Dan in Ju Jitsu and 4th Dan in Iaido to name just a few of his grades. He is officially known in the SJJA as Hanshi (a term which means Professor or Head of the organisation). In 2003, Hanshi Ross was recognised as Grandmaster and inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Sports Medicine Hall of Fame. In 2004, he was further inducted as Grandmaster into the Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He has published 2 books on Ju Jitsu and has a few more in the pipleine. Hanshi is a Director on the SJJA Board with a responsibility for all things technical, everything from syllabus development to coach education. He overviews the grading system, ensuring that standards are met and that all coaches are equally properly educated and qualified according to the standards of the SJJA. For more information check out his profile here .....

  • Helen Bulloch

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  • Helen Bulloch - Child Protection Officer

    Helen has been a volunteer at the SJJA since about 2009 and took the office of Child Protection officer in that year. Helen has a keen interest in Hillwalking, History and Travelling and has visited places in Peru, India, Australia, New Zealand, Afica, Cuba and USA to name a few.  Helen is a retired administrator and finds time to cary out voluntary work at the Citizen's Advice Bureau and often is found invigilatin during examn time across Dundee Schools.  Helen has also carried out charitibale work with Children In Need, and Samaritans. She brings a wide variety of skills in the right sector to enhance the work of the SJJA.

    Helen's contact details are Mobile: (07943859817) email: helen_bulloch@live.co.uk, 

  • Chris Devine

  • Chris Devine - Equality Director

    Chris is a relative recent new comer to Ju Jitsu but did  have a go when he was a lad. Chris being a successful self employed businessman, brings a useful but different set of skills to the board. Chris was recently appointed Equality Director in February 2023 following him joining the Board in March 2022. 

  • Kevin Wood

  • Kevin Wood - Drugs Liaison Officer

    Kevin has been with the SJJA since 1993 and currently hold the status of Club Coach and 1st Kyu. Kevin was originally a laboratory based scientist and has recently applied his scientific background towards qualifying as a Drugs Liaison Officer for the SJJA through their portal with the UKAD (United Kingdom Agency on Drugs). 

    Kevin regularly coaches sessions at the SJJA Hqs.