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The Scottish Ju Jitsu Association is the governing body for Ju Jitsu in Scotland. Membership is open to Associations, Clubs, Groups and Individuals.

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By Jujitsu, 2021-04-26

To All Members of the SJJA

Well here is the news you have all been waiting for. The SJJA have finally entered it countdown sequence to restarting sessions. All classes for those under 17 years will commence on Wednesday 5th May 2021. Please contact your specific coach if you need further details. We will try to contact each of you directly but if we happen to miss a few, we hope you will pick the message up from here. We certainly look forward to seeing you all again agter such a long time off. 

There will obviously be changes at the SJJA HQ for those who use the facility. Please wear a mask on arrival. You will meet staff who will direct you to the initial sanitising station, take your tempreture and log you into the facilty. Coaches have been working hard on creating sessions to captivate your attention and steer you back to performance. 

From us all at the SJJA, its a big welcome back. We hope to see you at the training session ednesday 5th May 2021. 

Hanshi Ross

Technical Director 

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By Jujitsu, 2020-11-13


The SJJA is keen to embrace into its membership any Ju Jitsu club of any style......if any club is keen to be involved, please contact me, Caroline Ross Executive Administrator.

As always, you can email at or call: (01382) 201601 or 07854985674 any time with questions. 

Our Coach Education Training continues through the lockdown and if you would like to become qualified or renew your qualifications contact our Technical Director who can help you through the process. Coaches will be contacted soon to undertake an update to coaching procedures in preparation for the restart.

Caroline Ross

Executive Administrator

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By Jujitsu, 2018-05-18

Many members will already be familiar with this issue through their own employment or alternative clubs and associations. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) legislation come into force in May 2018. The SJJA wish to inform all members that it does not share your information with anyone, except in the event of a criminal/disciplinary investigation. If you wish to have your details expunged from the SJJA digital database please inform us and we will update our system. You do not need to do anything if you are happy with our current arrangements. We protect our information which is secured and isolated from the internet. Should you need any further information please contact us. 

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Qustion Time...

By Jujitsu, 2017-01-30

One of our junior members posed a great question in class today. He asked, "who invested the toothbrush? "

If you have a response pop it into your blog or send the SJJA a message. Good Luck.

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January 2017

By Jujitsu, 2016-12-12
January 2017

Well 2017 has come in with a bang. This year we have some big plans to celebrate a few milestones. The SJJA have been successfully coaching Ju Jitsu in Spain for 25 years. We may have a visit this year from students from Spain to our Honbu Dojo.  We will also be celebrating out 9th year at the new HQ. All clubs have been experiencing an increase in membership, which hopefully is a tidal change for the sport. New members always welcome. Bring it on!

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Class Cancellation

By Jujitsu, 2016-04-25

A quick reminder for all members at the Grange Ju Jitsu Class, there will be no session this Monday 25th April due to school requiring the hall for in-house cluster training. Also class will be off Monday 2nd May for May Day.  

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White to Green Belt Course

By Jujitsu, 2016-04-02
White to Green Belt Course

30th April 2016 - Date for your diary - The SJJA are now taking bookings for any member interested in attending the White to Green belt Course. This course is open to everyone and starts at 1.30pm. Coaches are all encouraged to attend to accrue CPD points. Contact the SJJA HQs office to secure your place - Book Now!

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Recent News

By Jujitsu, 2016-03-28
Recent News

19th March 2016

Congratulations to our 5 new Black Belts, including a promotion from first to 2nd Dan. This is clearly a culmination of years of hard work, dedication and sheer true grit. Well done to all of them.

22nd Feb 2016

Hanshi Ross is now prepared to answer technical questions regarding any technique. To post a question, simply go to his blog and leave a message for a swift response. Now you can have Hanshi's experience at your finger tips. Happy hunting!

10th Feb 2016

The SJJA actively invite all SJJA members to create a profile and so access the member pages within the site. The website will also be a vehicle for sharing information such as newsletters and bulletins, like this. Creating a profile is easy enough but if you do get into difficulties the HELP button is there or if you need further assistance, just contact the SJJA HQs.

To all the SJJA members who have created a profile, thank you so much. We look forward to servicing your membership to its fullest. Don't forget to put a photo of yourself onto your profile.

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