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Corona Virus 2020 - update

user image 2020-04-18
By: Jujitsu
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Dear Members

We have entered Phase 3 and here at the Scottish Ju Jitsu Association not a lot has changed however we are currently working at the HQs to make the necessary changes to bring the facility up to a Covid-19 Secure facility. We will inform all members of what to expect and the new changes prior to opening. We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you all again. 

We have produced the guidelines for all Ju Jitsu participation in Scotland. The message is clear. The nation is still not ready to permit indoor activities such as Ju Jitsu yet, but,  it is permissible for a small group to meet outdoors to exercise and practice Kobudo (weaponry) or Ju Jitsu in kata form in preparation for picking up the activity when the restrictions relax sufficiently to permit it indoors. Full details can be found in the SJJA Phase 3 Arrangement for Ju Jitsu document found on the right. It should be read in conjunction with the Scottish Government's Route Map for the return to sport also found as a link on the right. 

The SJJA is planning to open all clubs again once Phase 4 has been successfully reached. 

If you have further problems or simply wish some further advice, please feel free to contact us at We'll be happy to advise you accordingly. 

If you have any questions or need clarity, please contact:

Hanshi Robert G. Ross

Technical Director