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By: Jujitsu
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When training the body will lose fluids. This can have a deleterious effect on the body and its systems and cause collapse.

It will be important, particularly in warm environments, or high humidity, or altitude to rehydrate effectively.

The body is set up in a way that through the digestive system, water and salts can be re-absorbed by ingested fluids. These substances are vital to support life and facilitate the function of other organs. Water unfortunately has a high surface tension and in itself is not quickly absorbed. Yet the only active way to replace water lost through dehydration is by ingestion.

We have found through science that the most effective way to increase water absorption in the body is to change its properties and make it isotonic.  This involves adding some sugar syrup to about 1% per volume which will act to hold the water within the gastrointestinal tract long enough for sufficient quantities to be absorbed.

Making an isotonic fluid.

In training you will need about 2 litres of isotonic fluid for ingestion.

Take a suitably sized jug and add 2 litres of water. Tap water is as good as bottled water. Then add approximated 1% of the total volume of sugar syrup, something like Ribena or other propriety diluting juice. The effect will be that the water will have a hint of flavour and a hint of colour. Half a teaspoon of salt into the solution will help break the tensile strength of the water molecule thereby facilitating the easy transference of fluids in the G.I. tract.

By using too much syrup, the fluid will be held in the stomach where the sugar will be broken down. This may cause a feeling of tiredness, nausea and actual sickness during training as blood is redirected to the digestive system, to digest the fluids, instead of the muscles.


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